View Full Version : M70 firing pin (I think) problems...

Al Thompson
February 22, 2000, 07:52 PM
Hi all,

Have a buddy with a push feed M70 in .270. The problem he's having is that it busts primers on a regular basis. The rifle headspace has been checked and is fine. The firing pin has a sharper than normal (compared to mine) tip on it. I'm wondering if replacing the firing pin is a worthwhile expendature of funds.

The rifle went to a prominant gunsmith who advertises in Shotgun News (they are in SC) who essentially charged a lot and cured nothing.

Suggested he send the rifle back to Winchester without a bolt and get a totally new one, but they want two hundred bucks for the bolt. (including fitting)



February 22, 2000, 08:20 PM
First, check the firing pin protrusion to be sure it's in spec. If too long, shorten & re-radius the tip to provide a broader, blunter surface. Look at another bolt gun firing pin to get an idea what it should look like. I'm not sure of the range of protrusion on that particular gun, so call the factory or Brownell's tech support & ask. It's usually about .045-.050".