View Full Version : Removing Scratches From Stainless Slide

February 22, 2000, 05:53 PM
I just got some work done on a Para Ordnance for use in IPSC limited. I noticed that there are about two scratches on the slide and would like to have them removed. Is there a procedure I can do at home to remove them myself. the slide is SS

Mike Baugh
February 22, 2000, 06:55 PM
All you can do is to polish them out if they are not too deep , this will leave the slide shiny , or take some very fine crocus cloth on a wood block and sand the sides , if the scratches are on the sides , by doing this to both sides and taking straight full length swipes you can make the slide look pretty decent . I usually bead blast stainless guns so they are not as flashy , this will look the best . Good luck , Mike...