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February 22, 2000, 10:58 AM
Some people in the Handguns forum told me to post this questionn here, so here goes.

I just bought a NIB Chalres Daly 1911(my first 1911). It came with two mags, susspose to be Mec-Gar but they have no marks or letters on them anywhere(other Mec-Gar mags have letters and numbers on then that I've seen). The problem is that the mags do not seat fully. Causeing the slide not to lock open on a empty mag unless I push and hold the mag in then cock the slide back. But then the mag release button doesn't work unless I pull slighty on the mag. I've heard it might be the mags, the slide stop, or the mag izine release. And to try in that order. BTW I have not fired this weapon yet plan to sometime this week. Some help please.

thanks, Cyric13

February 22, 2000, 01:13 PM
Not sure what you mean by " don't seat fully." The follower tab that actuates the slide stop might need tweaking to engage the slide stop more positively/sooner. Take the slide off, reinstall the slide stop without the barrel, insert the mag, & look at how the follower shelf engages the stop. If it needs it, disassemble the mag & carefully bend the engagement shelf in/out, up/down as needed to correct. Use smooth/padded pliers & bend at the upper attatchment to the main part of the follower. If the stop itself is too short on the engagement pad, then replace it. Sometimes the mag release engagement shelf will be out of spec. Compare with a known good one & replace if needed. Mec-gar mags tend to be very good. If these really are Mec-Gar, I doubt that it's the mag.

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February 22, 2000, 02:43 PM
Hey guys thanks for the help. I fixed the problem and all I need to do was to make sure the slide stop was all the way in. Thanks again. I had a question though after the slide locks open and after the mag is ejectedthe slide should stay open until I disengauge the slide stop right?

thanks again, Cyric13

February 22, 2000, 04:57 PM
Yup! Sometimes a slide stop will be a little out of square. Particularly the newer cast ones. Causes the stop to walk out of the frame as you shoot. Prbably happens during the heat treat. Use a small machinists square to check yours. Pin should be 90 degrees to lever arm. Also, the cast ones have a small radius all the way around at the intersection of the pin & lever. This will keep the stop from bottoming against the frame. If you've got one of these, use a chamfer tool or 3/8" drill bit to very slightly break the edge of the pin hole on the left side of the frame.