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Old Soldier
January 6, 2006, 06:37 PM
I have a SXS 12 ga by Vincenzo Bernadelli, it is a side plate boxlock, fully engraved with fine floral engraving, and (jarringly enough), a stag being chased by two dogs on the bottom of the action. All screws are timed (slots in line with the barrels) and wood to metal fit is about as good as it gets, even under a magnifing glass. Plain extractors, double trigger, hinged front. Decent but fairly straight grained wood, with a gold escutshon (SP) on the toe of the butt. Chrome line barrels which pattern improved modified and full with light trap loads (#7 & 8). The inside metal surfaces are all engine turned. All in all, a nice looking double. Does anyone have any info on this shotgun or know of anyplace I can learn more about it? Thanks.


January 8, 2006, 11:40 AM
Nope, not me, and what I've found doesn't pin it down. :) They made lots of models and even the names change from book to book. Looking through a few books I don't see any mention of the bottom engraving you mentioned and the small pics in the '99 Standard Catalog of Firearms aren't much help at all, although the prices for guns in 100% condition are a little higher than the current Blue Book.

Let's see, looking at the Blue Book...looking for false sideplates...in order...

S. Umberto 1 - Anson & Deeley action, Purdey locks, light engraving, silver finished receiver, double triggers, extractors. 100% = $1050

1E with ejectors is $1175.

S. Umberto 2 - light scroll engraving, Purdey locks, silver finished receiver, double triggers, extractors. $1375

S. Umberto FS - relief engraved with hunting scenes on silver finished receive, Purdey locks, double triggers, extractors. $1695

? => ROMA 3 - similar to S. Umberto, double triggers, extractors, false sideplates, case hardened receiver. Discontinued 1989, resumed 1993-97. $1425

? => ROMA 4 - more deluxe than ROMA 3, false sideplates, scroll engraved, silver finished receiver. $1250 (the casehardened 3 originally listed for $200 more. JT)

no ROMA 5 listed

ROMA 6 - fully engraved sideplates with hunting scenes, Purdey locks, silver finished receiver, single trigger, finely figured English walnut. $1395

ROMA 7 - ejectors, better than 6. $3200

ROMA 8 - ejectors, better than 7. $3700

ROMA 9 - $4550.

Hope this helps some.

Now I see that an old Gun Trader's Guide lists a Rome 3/Gamecock, Premier. The S. Uberto 1 is also the Gamecock, Standard.

The '67 Shooter's Bible devotes 3 pages to the Standard Gamecock(boxlock), Deluxe Gamecock and Premier Gamecock(both with sideplates.) The wood grain shown in the drawings is bold and straight, but the engraving is hard to see. List prices: $205, $295 and $390.

Now I'm even more confused, but it's something else to google on during the football game this afternoon.