View Full Version : Mossberg 590 last round feeding problem

February 8, 2000, 12:58 PM
I've a few week old Mossy 590 that doesn't always feed the last round out of the tube properly. The shell doesn't jump out of the tube when the elevator drops, but when the elevator rises and the bolt goes forward it does - right out onto the ground by my feet.

The cartridge stop seems to be working fine, so I'm assuming the problem is the magazine spring. Problem is, I don't want to replace it with another soft Mossberg spring that'll give the same problem, but Wolff springs aren't made for an eight shot magazine. Scattergun Tech's springs are for shorter tubes, as well.

My thought is to take two Wolff springs for a four round tube, separate them with another follower, and go like this:


Any other ideas?

February 8, 2000, 01:24 PM
Never mind.

Turns out Wolff's springs are 40", cut to fit. The tech I spoke with said they've had many similar calls lately, making me wonder what kind of crap Mossberg is using for mag springs these days.

I'll post my results when I get the spring.

February 8, 2000, 01:27 PM
Morgan-You can buy a Wolff spring that you can custom cut to your needs. I comes in a 40" length. The stock # is 65165 for 12 gauge. Price is $5.49 plus shipping. I bought a dozen of these springs to fit to all of my shotguns and to have replacements as I need them. Cost was $2.85 each as Wolff offers price breaks as well. Check here:

Follow the links to get you to the application you need. Hope this helps.


June 25, 2006, 08:29 PM
Yeah, thanks. I had the same problem and am applying the same solution. Does the spring need to be cut to a shorter length or will the be right at 40" ??? I have the Mossberg 590 with the 8 shell tube.