View Full Version : cobray m11 9mm

george miller
February 6, 2000, 09:19 PM
i recently was told that the buffer disintigrates after use and that i need to purchase another one.i have only shot my m11 on few occasions and not noticed anything.i was also told that i need to replace factory hammer, firing pin ect as they too are not durable.is this true? if so where can i get new ones and where can i get a bigger bolt handle(like the old style with the slot cut in it for sight pic)thanks,overall, is this a durable gun?

February 7, 2000, 03:46 PM
The bolt’s recoil buffer will disintegrate, but it takes it a while. About 1k rounds minimum,but it never hurts to have a spare around. Buffer Technology’s product is a great improvement over the original part. Check out their design at www.buffertech.com. (http://www.buffertech.com.)
I wouldn’t get too worried about the stock internals in your M11/9 actually failing as
much as I would not having any spares, and suddenly finding myself with no parts
available! Tapco <www.tapco.com> has the extended charging handle you mentioned, as well as some “upgrade” parts such as hammer, mag catch, extractor, and firing pin kits
available. Personally, I would just have them around just in case. Also check out RPB
Industries [(404) 297-0907] for some interesting accessories and parts. SG news always has their ad, and they stock a TON of MAC, Cobray, and SWD parts. Overall the Cobray or SW Daniels M11/9 is a very durable, utilitarian gun that, like any other, will take care of you, if you take care of it....and damn they’re fun! Good Luck- Dakotan