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Jack O'Conner
December 30, 2005, 11:43 AM


These amazing animals originate from Burma, Laos, and portions of Thailand. Currently listed as endangered species yet thriving at North American game ranches. A situation where trophy hunters are paying the fees to encourage ranchers to raise these animals. Unlike zoos, these deer retain their wildness generation after generation.

Lt. Percy Eld of Great Britain discovered these animals in the 1800's. Of course locals had hunted them for centuries. They're also named the brow-antlered deer. The main beam is a continuous antler from the brow to the far end.

I've not seen or photographed these animals. These photos were located on the net. By my sole point is to share information about the many deer species created by our Lord which inhabit our planet.

December 30, 2005, 03:38 PM
Thanks Jack,

I liked the photos, they look like they can get pretty large. Do you know the average size on these deer or was that trophy an exceptionaly large one for the species.

I liked the fact that you pointed out that hunting these deer is helping to keep the species going. I wish more people understood that hunting is very important to conservation efforts.

Jack O'Conner
December 31, 2005, 11:05 AM
Weight wise, a mature buck of this species is reported to weigh 185 to 200 lbs. Very similar to a northern whitetail.

The lower photo shows the world record Eld's deer as reported by Records of Exotics. I've watched the video titled, Hunting the Super Exotics, which features Ken Warner hunting Eld's deer and other animals. The Eld's deer shown on his video are a little smaller racked with reddish fur. Yet very impressive to my eyeballs.

Current cost to hunt a trophy Eld's deer in Texas is about $8,500. A lot of money for the average hunter to spend on a single animal. Yet a genuine bargain for the dedicated(and wealthy)trophy hunter as hunting in SE Asia is anything but simple to arrange.