View Full Version : brass in the face

January 12, 2000, 10:28 PM
i have a taurus pt-111 9mm. about every third brass hits me in the face. how do i adjust/tune the extractor?

George Stringer
January 12, 2000, 11:05 PM
Kitt, if you are sure it's the extractor the object is to make the extractor pull the case more tightly against the breech face. If you relieve a little from the body of the extractor between the hook and the pivot you will accomplish this. Be patient, do a little and try it. Do a little and try it. Until the brass is ejecting in the proper direction. George

January 13, 2000, 08:21 AM
Goerge: You've answered a question which I have been asking for quite a while, namely should I be suspicious of my Kimber's extractor which holds its cartridges quite a distance off the breach face? the tension checks out perfectly but I'll always get the occasional brass-in-face.

So, the issue is not (only) extractor tension, but extractor geometry?

George Stringer
January 13, 2000, 10:12 PM
Dave, if your extractor tension is correct as you say and this is just an occasional thing then it's more than likely you are relaxing your grip a little as you shoot. I know you don't realize it but I'd bet that's what's going on. George

January 17, 2000, 04:00 PM
Had colt 1911 do this and one thing that got done to gun was to put in oversise firing pin stop plate and it works fine now. Not sure if this was exact solution as I had work done on the ejector port and extractor itself but thought I might mention it.