View Full Version : Trophy red stag photo

Jack O'Conner
December 26, 2005, 11:58 AM

A friend sent this photo to me. This red stag was toppled with a Remington auto-loader rifle in .270 at a distance of approximately 150 yards or so. Two shots to down the bull using Remington core-lockt 150 grain ammo. Both shots were damaging to the chest organs.

Red stag are Europe's version of North American elk. They're so close as a species that interbreeding is common where the two meet such as New Zealand and American game ranches. But red stag are a little smaller in body weight. Their antlers form a crown. Small bumps are observed on the antlers of red stag but absent with elk and hybrids.

It is common to read in the magazines that Remington auto-loaders jam, do not shoot accurately, etc. All false. They need a little maintenance which is simply performed with a little brush sold by Remington.