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December 26, 2005, 11:35 AM
Have a K-98 cambered in 8mm. The scope is mounted on wierd it's mount goes around the rings on the reciever. Somebody might know what I am talking about you have to cut the stock in order for the reciever to be reinstalled back into the stock. The mount is solid but man is this sucker hard to get sited in. I ordered a universal Spud Brackett from Brownell's this morning so I can use my BSA bore sighter to see if I can det this rofle close. Other then that my next opshiun would be to have the reciever drillled and mount directly to the rings. Or am I looking at this all wrong. Any help here would be great. Thanks, Kurt

December 26, 2005, 04:24 PM
From what you are describing, to me I would rather have it drilled and tapped and mounted to the top of the receiver myself. It should be able to be handled by any smith worth his salt. I have seen the mounts like you referred to and I just didn't have much luck with them either.

Harry Bonar
December 26, 2005, 05:51 PM
Dear Shooter:
Yes, I've seen that abortion they call a mount. I'm right with CNTRYBOY1289 on that!
I would recommend the Redfield one piece mount already with the clearance for the clip bridge clearance.
The problem I've run into on Mausers using the Weaver system is the rear clip bridge. I grind (grind and file) it down to the rear radius on that bridge and you can not be sure it is ever in line with the front ring!
The way I do it for Weaver is to do the rear work, get the action level, use my calipers on the front flat with the bottom of the reciever, scribe a hole through the front hole (put it almost flush with the front of the reciever rin so your rear doesn't go into the lug area) ream, drill and tap that hole, attatch the front base, check for level and then coat the rear bridge with dykem, take a level to check the front and transfer to the rear bridge and with a flat file under my level (that has been checked out on the front) draw the file across the rear with the level, level. I then put the base on towards the front of the altered bridge, scribe a hole and see if it is on the center line made with the file. If not I move my punch over to the center line and drill and tap; if the base doesn't then level with the front use a file to dress one side or the other to get it level with the front. (Weaver baes only)
With the Redfield just get it flat with bottom of reciever and drill and tap - any axial mis-alignment can be taken up with the two rear screws.
Hope this helps.
Harry B.

December 26, 2005, 07:05 PM
Thanks for your help the rifle belongs to a customer so will have to check with them. I have been telling him the best way is to mount it right on the receiver but he came up with this thing, Oh well see what he says cause after I mount it on the receiver he'll be in need of a new stock also. Thanks again much appreciated. Kurt