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December 24, 2005, 01:33 AM
I have been shooting guns since I was little around 6 or so was my first deer hunt with Dad. I'll be 27 in Jan so I haven't been shooting neer has long has most of you appear to have been shooting. I've been reading post on this Forum for about 3 hours now it's very addicting....
I have recentlly been biten by a the I want bug for Guns and the make the ones I got better Bug all at the same time thank God I'm not currentlly married :D
My question is kinda big
1. I have a older Ruger M77 tang safety that has alot of wear on it. It's a .280 with a bull barrel it shoot's decent @ 100-200 yards. I do get the zinger every once in awhile that opens my grp's. I have no doubt this gun can Kill whatever I shoot at in that range, but I want the gun to be able to shoot even tighter grps almost stack bullet's which it can if luck is with me on 3 shot grp's but in a 5 shot grp i'm doomed. I just put a 3200 Elite on the gun and I'm very happy with it.
I bought a Timney trigger and a Bell and Calston stock (Synthetic) which I have been thinking about installing myself. The stock will require alot of sanding to fit the Bull barrel but I was assured that this is normal and will not be a problem. The old wood stock is cracking around the Tang safety. I have taken the stock trigger apart to the point of driving out the pin but I love this gun and if I messed it up to the point of not being able to repair it I would hate myself for a long time.
(Wow thats alot of typing to get to a question)
a. Can I mess the gun up so bad that a gunsmith couldn't fix it trying to do this trigger myself. I understand that It could end up costing me twice has much if I try to do it myself I break either one of the triggers.
b. Do you have to sand most aftermarket stocks to fit a bull barrel the stock looks like it would fit a standard barrel no problem.
One last thing after I do/don't attempt this I will be taking the gun to a smith to have the action glass bed'd and whatever work I do checked.

December 24, 2005, 11:24 AM
First, if you proceed carefully, especially with the projects you mentioned, I doubt you would take it to a point of nonrepair!! Operative word "carefully."
My experience with the Timney triggers has been on quite a few military sporters, and on these it was very straight forward. The only thing you will actually be "messing" with after install are the adjustments. As long as your test fires are safely performed, you can undo and redue any adjustments you make. Go for it, but proceed carefully.
As far as the stock, I have restocked a number of rifles, and everyone of the semi inletted or aftermarket drop in's had a barrel channel set up for a standard or just a minimally started channel. You will most likey need to final fit the action area as well as the barrel channel. I would suggest you get and use a barrel channel rasp instead of trying to relieve all you will probably have to with "sanding." Any minor mistakes you may make in the channel will be taken care of with bedding. You did not mention this, but I strongly recommend you finnish the barrel channel, action fitting with glass bedding, and floating the barrel.
Good luck

December 24, 2005, 05:57 PM
finnish the barrel channel
I'm not familiar with the term. I did plan on Glass bedding and floating Barrel but was gonna have a Gunsmith do that part. I have also been tossing around the idea of having it blueprinted but I think at that point the gun will be outshooting me so to speak. :o
Thanks for help though i'm going to go for the trigger tonight and start the Stock I won't be able to get a rasp anytime soon since it's Christmas time.

December 25, 2005, 01:58 AM
Wisby, sorry for the confusion, due to spelling, I meant finish as in completing that portion of the project. Not having a barrel rasp, I would recommend you use a dowel rod close to the size of your barrel and wrap it with 100 grit sand paper, or you could start with 80 grit and then progress to 100 as you get close to the final channel size.

Harry Bonar
December 25, 2005, 10:51 AM
You can, underline, can, do the bbl floating AND the glass bedding. Get Brownells "steel bed", or the gel kit, follow the directions - you'll have no trouble and it will give you the pride that you did it yourself, plus, you'll save yourself a pile of money - plus, you won't have to trust whether your "gunsmith" knows what he's doing.
You CAN do this - just follow Brownells directions!
Harry B.