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January 9, 2000, 04:00 PM
I originally posted this in the handguns and pistolcraft forum but thought it might be better answered here.

I've shot 150 rounds from three different manufacturers and I've had some jamming problems. Not a single problem from UMC. but mostly stovepipes from the 'factory' reloads and quite a few misshaped cases from the fiocchi 170FMJ. Some jammed and others actually ejected but at a different trajectory. The guy at the range suggested getting a 18.5lb Wolff spring saying that the ejecting case was probably being forced back into the slide when it ejects due to the strength of the spring.

The .40 comes with a 20lb spring and I was wondering how good of an idea this really is. Would storing the gun with the slide back soften the spring a bit and get the same effect? Or, should I go with the new spring? What about a different strength ejector spring?

I also tried different grips with an instructor and still had one in 27 rounds. I've got to mention that I never had this problem with the 9mm Hi-Power but did once with a Glock (which I promptly sold).


George Stringer
January 9, 2000, 11:39 PM
Parshal, stovepipes are caused by 1)load too light for recoil spring weight; 2)Extractor tension too light; 3)Insufficient grip on gun; 4) Worn extractor. I have found the 3D and other factory reloads are not very reliable in my pistols either. I don't use them at all for that reason. And since you said that Rem UMC worked fine then we have to agree that your problem is caused by #1. You could probably go to a lighter recoil spring but that might result in feeding problems with the UMC ammo. What I would do is find what ammo is most accurate in my pistol and make the gun work with it. George