View Full Version : How is rifling done in a barrel and other questions?

Ruger guy
January 9, 2000, 07:47 AM
How is the rifling originally machined into the barrel? Where do I get information on these processes? Where do you get information on such things as wall thicknesses for various materials and calibers and the effects of different rifling twists on various calibers and barrel length? What are the best sources for barrel blanks?


George Stringer
January 9, 2000, 09:18 AM
RG, if you'll go to http://benchrest.com/douglas/ you can watch a video by Douglas bbls that explains barrel making from start to finish using the button rifling method. And at http://www.border-barrels.com/articles/bmart.htm there is an article that explains the process using 3 methods of rifling. There is a very good book titled "Barrels and Actions" by Harold Hoffman that goes into great detail and actually tells you how to make a barrel from bar stock steel. I'd like to try it sometime but it just isn't cost effective with all the barrel blanks on the market. A barrel blank isn't really blank. It's already drilled, reamed and rifled. There are several good sources for blanks. I like Douglas bbls and use them as the standard in my shop. I have put together some very accurate rifles using some very inexpensive bbl blanks from Gun Parts Corporation. Most of these are E.R Shaw or at least that's what they told me. Another good reference for barrel work is Gunsmithing by Roy Dunlap. The books I mentioned are both available from Brownells www.brownells.com. (http://www.brownells.com.) George

Ruger guy
January 9, 2000, 11:48 AM
Thank George. I'll check all that out. I probably won't do one from scratch for the same reasons that you mentioned. But I hate it when something so common is such a mystery to me. Besides that, this knowledge should help me when picking "barrel blanks" and in finishing them off. I'm sure that I have a lot of pre-conceived notions that will be put to rest and find others that I hadn't even thought of.

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