View Full Version : Brownell's Molykote

January 8, 2000, 10:21 PM
Just finished my first project using the molykote from Brownell's. I took a Springfield light weight govt model (not one of the loaded ones) broke all of the edges. Darn near a melt job but I don't want to insult the folks over at Clark Custom by comparing my work to theirs. Put on a wilson beavertail and tactical safety. A commander hammer and a long trigger finished the job. I wasn't sure how the finish would look but it is very serviceable. Won't win any beauty contests but definately good for a garage gunsmith like me.
I highly reccomend the molykote for anyone that doesn't want to spend $200 having a gun refinished. It is very easy to apply, if someone of my mechanical ability and one that refuses to follow directions (ussually by not reading them) can apply it than it is EASY.