View Full Version : Tell Me Your Story!!

December 22, 2005, 11:34 PM
I posted a similar thread in the Art of The Rifle forum, I was wanting to hear some stories of what people have taken with the good ol .30-06. I guess I posted in the wrong forum first because I haven't got any stories and my subject went off in a whole new tangent.

I told the story of my High School Principal taking his Alaskan Grizzly with his old 1903 sporterized rifle in the 60's while he was up there teaching. It took him more than one shot to put the bruin down, if I remember right he shot it three times. He told me in Alaska if it is still standing keep shooting. All three shots were kill shots he just was being on the safe side. The grizz was only 6' to 7' but it still made a nice rug and he is very proud to show it off.

I was just interested in hearing your stories, or of any records that are out there of large and or dangerous game taken with this great round and we fast approch its century mark.