View Full Version : Savage Model 340 Trigger Improvement

Fairlane Fan
December 22, 2005, 10:51 AM
Just picked up a nice Savage Model 340 in 222 Rem and wanted to know if anyone makes a aftermarket trigger for this gun, or can the stock trigger be smoothed up for a lighter trigger pull?? It's at 5-6 lbs right now. Sure be nice to get it down to 1-2.

James K
December 22, 2005, 08:30 PM
Those were cheap guns, made to a price, and intended to be nothing more than an inexpensive hunting rifle. I don't know of any one who makes (or IIRC ever did make) a custom trigger for them.

The trigger can be smoothed up a little, as can any trigger, but I think that design would be pretty dangerous if anyone tries to take it below 4.5-5 pounds. One or two pounds would, IMHO, be out of the question. My suggestion is to get used to what it is.


Harry Bonar
January 2, 2006, 11:06 PM
Dear Shooter:
Right on Jim:
Charlie Shaner, a gunsmith at Barlow Ohio years ago redid a 340 trigger (disassembled it) and really did a professional job on it and, Jim, I don't think he got it below 3-4lbs!
I get people coming in and wanting me to get their triggers to the 2 1/2 lb' range - no, no, no. I tell them to quit flinching and pull a trigger correctly.
On my 416 Taylor on a Turk action my trigger is still military two stage around 4-5lbs. and on my 9.3X62 also.
Truth is I don't have the money for Timneys on every gun and with the military smoothed up I really like the two stage for just about any use!
Also, in a crisis situation, if the final let off is crisp I have no trouble with 4# or 5#. In sniping, also, I like to know (or would like to know if I was a sniper) exactly WHEN that shot was off!
My grandson on a Rem 338 ultra-mag has a Timney target trigger whih goes off with a breath - I wouldn't have it!
See you Jim----- Harry B.