View Full Version : Norinco AK 47 MAC 90

December 18, 2005, 04:00 PM
(Typo in thread heading--it is spelled MAK, not MAC, Sorry) I have been searching for information on my newest purchase and have gotten conflicting information from the net. My AK 47 shoots .223 ammo, has a threaded barrel tip, and pistol grip with a wood stock that has a hole in the butt plate. The hole has a metal cover and the cleaning rod tips are in a little metal container that fits inside the stock. It's a real fun gun to shoot, but information seems to be scarce on the one I have. It does dent the brass when ejecting, but I believe that is just the way it was made. Any info would be appreciated and if anyone knows where I can find more information and tear down diagrams for this model, please let me know. Thanks!:)