View Full Version : VZ-24 vs. M-94 Sight Compatability

December 17, 2005, 08:23 PM
My father-in-law has a scout scope mount for his 6.5x55 swede M94 that replaces the rear sight. He does not like it and has offered it to me to finish "tweaking" my Vz-24 . Does any one know if this scope mount is compatable from one rifle to the other???

Also intend on putting a scout scope on this one anyway (VZ-24), so I figured that since I will be removing the rear sight, the front sight is unnecessary as well. The barrel has been counterbored (2 7/8')so is the barrel ok to cut back to just past the counterboring? Can I go shorter and if I do is there a certain way to recrown the barrel properly. Thanks.


December 17, 2005, 08:48 PM
I once shortened the barrel on a Mauser, but I had the benefit that I could take it to work after hours and turn the end of the barrel so it was clean and square, and contoured to look good. I just left the stripped receiver on the barrel, and since the mil. barrel is stepped, not tapered, I inserted the barrel into the lathe coming out the chuck. I even cut a recessed target crown on it. You could mark the barrel with a scribe mark and hacksaw it off as square as you can. Then clean it up with files till it looks real square, or check it for squareness with a right angle. You can get a cutting tool from Brownells to crown the bore. It is a 45 degree cutter, I think. It has a T handle on it and you do it by hand. The tool has a hole in the center, and you order the proper pilot for the bore size and install it in the tool. That acts as a guide to keep the cutter square on. Does a pretty good job for a hand tool, but maybe not as smooth as a cut on a lathe-the hand tool can tend to chatter a bit and make it look a little weird, but it works OK. Like the arsenal tool for the M 1 carbine for recrowning over cleaning rod wear or damage.