View Full Version : Best all-around firearm lubricant/cleaner?

Bennett Richards
October 7, 1999, 09:11 AM
Just wondering if there is any concensus as to whaich firearms lube is best? BreakFree CLP, TW-25B, Rem Oil, FP-10, KelLube M12, Snake Oil, G-Lube, ProLix?

I have liked the TW-25B and the BreakFree... Just wondering what others have found to work....


October 7, 1999, 10:31 AM
FWIW, my personal favorite gun lubricants are Wilson's Ultima-Lube grease and oil, and good-old Hoppe's Gun Oil.

October 7, 1999, 10:58 AM
Bore cleaner: ProShot

Oil: Break Free CLP

Grease: Rig Grease


Al Thompson
October 7, 1999, 01:41 PM
Bennett for an all rounder, Break-Free is the way to go. As you've probably noted, very few of us use "an all rounder". Dosen't mean anyone's right or wrong - we just all have preferences.

Good (old) friend who has more experiance than I likes Break-Free. As an example of the differences - he refuses to clean the bores of his guns unless they stop shooting right.



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James K
October 8, 1999, 03:06 PM
All around cleaner, G96 Gun Cleaner (black, red and yellow can).

Oil, nearly any gun oil.

Avoid ammonia cleaners on nickel plated guns.


October 8, 1999, 09:43 PM
I don't have the personal expertise to comment on this topic. HOWEVER, Mike Guarmieri -- the senior gunsmith at Sig-Sauer/SigArms -- recommended Break Free to me. That seems like "the voice of wisdom".

October 9, 1999, 01:15 AM
Call me weird but not only do I like the BreakFree I think it has a good smell! No I don't try to breath it but you can't help to when you use them. I think some others just smell to loud when used in a small home.

October 9, 1999, 01:57 AM
Try Eezox. I have a friend who was a Break-Free disciple until he reassembled his 1911 at my place, and lubed it with Eezox. He called me yesterday to ask what the stuff was and where to get it. I have used it for 10+ years. Its' lubricity, film longevity, and corrosion inhibitance is absolutely unparalleled by any other product I have ever tried. Try it, and you'll never use anything else. Take Care- Dakotan

Rosco P. Coltrain
October 9, 1999, 07:33 AM
I use mineral spirits as a solvent. It is cheap and works well. For a lubricant I usually use break-free.

November 28, 1999, 10:21 AM
That Eezox is really nice on blued steel! Break-Free is great on rusted bolts and nuts under your mower, its lousy on firearms - especially autoloaders. ESPECIALLY .22 autoloaders! When I was doing general 'smithing full time(walk-in repairs and such), I used to LOVE those Break-Free guys! Fast 'n easy money, just toss their gummed-up Break-Freed stuff into the ultrasonic for instant repair! I still haven't found anything that beats a detail strip, crud removal with a brush in the parts washer(running kerosene), blow off the bulk of the kero & reassemble. If you MUST use oil, Starrett tool & instrument oil very sparingly. If you don't have ultrasonic and you don't want to disassemble that trigger group or whatever, grab a bunch of CRC Brakleen when it goes on sale at the auto parts store. Same as B/C Gun Scrubber and lots cheaper. Hose out that assembly, then blow it out w/ compressed air. Now it's clean and bone dry. Hit 'er with some Starrett M1, and blow out the excess. You're good to go.

November 29, 1999, 06:54 AM
I use Ed's Red for a solvent, then USP Bore paste and Kroil for the barrel. Break free to keep the rust away. I clean the bolts, carriers etc. with Simple Green, dry with a hair drier or compressed air, then Kroil to be sure everything won't rust.

Good shootin to ya

Desert Dog
November 29, 1999, 02:49 PM
I mixed up some Ed's Red a couple of weeks ago, and I am impressed! It seems to keep the mechanisms cleaner, even shooting lead. And the weapons seem to clean up easier also. I'm sold on it. Also, I use Birchwood/Casey Sheath on all my weapons.. Good stuff!!!

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December 2, 1999, 10:26 PM
I do a little blueing and when yall are finsihed with "rust removers" Ill be happy to give you a nice new blueing job!
Ezzox is super, Outters Teflon really can be used with just slight amounts. I like that in that it lubes and protects and keeps things nice and tidy.
The Ezzox is great but I usually apply it let it "set-up" and buff it. Just like a wax.

December 3, 1999, 01:45 AM
about Eezox,

a) where are you folks buying it? it seems to be rare in the usual mail-order catalogs.

b) are you having good success with it on autopistols? rifles?

concerning Prolix; I have used the original (carcinogenic) formula on a Glock with good success. it didn't smell, cleaned OK, was an OK dry lube (though maybe a bit thin). I have not yet tried their New! Improved! Non-carcinogenic! formula yet. If it were easier to find I'd probably already have tried a bottle.

December 3, 1999, 10:13 AM
I tried Eezox and then went back to Break Free. Not knocking the Eezox, but I haven't had any problems using CLP.

It would be nice if they could improve the smell of Eezox though! :)

December 8, 1999, 07:50 PM
Every weapon that I cleaned while in the Marine Corps (M-16, M-243, M-60, Mk-19, .50 cal, etc) was done so with CLP. This is the same as breakfree, just in government bottles. Seemed to work just fine. Cleaner, Lubricant, Protectant.