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December 12, 2005, 12:35 AM
For those in Ohio and obliged to the plain sight car carry law:

What holster do you recommend to prevent having to remove or re-holster into something else when getting in/out of the the car? Shoulder rig? IWB? OWB? Just curious as to what fellow Ohians are doing when they carry!

December 16, 2005, 08:16 AM
In the summer I use a paddle holster on my right hip with a shirt that the shirttails hang below the holster concealing the gun. While driving I just pull the shirttail back behind the holster leaving the gun “in plain view”. In the winter I use a shoulder rig under a lightweight vest. I then put a coat on when traveling and open both (unzipped). If I stop to eat I can take my coat off and the shoulder rig is still concealed by the lightweight vest.
I was stopped one day while riding my motorcycle and asked the LEO what would be the best way to carry while riding. He said it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry with the weapon “in plain view” as the LEO were sure to get man with a gun calls. He suggested I carry with a shoulder rig and inform the officer right away that I was a CCW permit holder and I had my weapon on my person. He also told me that the “in plain view” regulation was very vague and that most LEO would not get excited if the gun was not in plain view as long as they were informed right away that you were a CCW permit holder and had your weapon on you.

December 16, 2005, 10:49 AM
He said it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry with the weapon “in plain view” as the LEO were sure to get man with a gun calls.Unfortunately, the advice you were given directed you to break the law. The *only* way to legally carry on a motorcycle is in plain sight. The problem with the "but a police officer told me..." defense is that it will likely result in a criminal record. Follow the law, not a police interpretation.


In the wintertime when I am wearing a coat, I use a Comp-Tac Pro Undercover IWB for my Taurus PT145. I wear it between my belt and my pants, crossdraw style. This keeps the gun nearest the door when I'm driving - out of view of passing vehicles and drive-thru workers but still "in plain sight." I use the same rig in the summer when I'm wearing a long, untucked shirt. The clothing can simply be moved to expose the firearm while driving and easily covered just prior to exiting the vehicle.

There is just no good way to carry in the car in Ohio in the spring, summer and fall if you tuck in your shirt. I have a High Noon "Hidden Ally" holster as well as a DiSantis "Tuck This" holster that I like, but I can't use them if I'm in a car. :( I was going to use my Smart Carry holster in the summer and drive with my pants around my knees, but thought better of it. :eek:

A friend of mine;) has been known to keep a gun in a briefcase on his passenger seat. The case is locked, with the key in the lock, turned 3/4 of the way toward unlocked. With a simple click of the key, the gun can be in-hand as quickly as drawing from a holster. ... and it's legal according to a strict interpretation of the wording of the law, the spirit of the law notwithstanding.

Hope this helps. :)


December 16, 2005, 12:08 PM
You are absolutely correct TheBluesMan in that carrying concealed while riding a motorcycle in Ohio is against the law, and I am in know way advocating this practice.
However, picture a 250-pound dude in leathers riding an 1800 CC motorcycle with a 45 strapped to his side. What reaction(s) would you get from the public sector? Create a public panic, perhaps. Man with a gun calls probably. I have been stopped (doing 65 in a 35) on my motorcycle and was carrying concealed. I told the LEO right off I had a CCW permit and had my weapon on my person. We spent a great deal of time talking about Ohio concealed carry laws. He left telling me to slow down a little. Not one word about my weapon being concealed. I will carry the way I feel most comfortable and that would include carrying concealed on my bike. JMHO