View Full Version : Stock refinishing, using Arrow's Wood Finisher, some questions...

December 11, 2005, 09:42 PM
Some folks here recommended Arrows wood finishing for a stock. Two questions:

1) Would an 8oz bottle finish a whole gun?

2) Since this gun is poor quality wood (some call it paddle wood, it's a NEF Handi-Rifle), I had hoped to get a darker color. Do you recommend staining first and then using Arrows or will the Arrows stain as well? Based on the website it looks like it will only darken it a little. I want to take it and turn it to maybye a Mahagony or Cherry finish.

I appreciate the replies...


December 11, 2005, 10:16 PM
I've only done around 15 stocks using the same 8 oz bottle so far and the bottle is still about 1/4 full. I only use about a quarter sized dallop the first coat and then less and less on each additional coat. For the last coat, I just use a dallop about the size of a dime.

Now, if the wood is walnut which I suspect that it is simply becaue mine was, there is no need for a stain as it will be dark enough. If it is birch or another wood, I would do a stain first and then do the Arrow's. I have added some red umber to some of the Arrow's and like the way that came out. You could add some stain to the oil, but I would add it to like 2 ounces in a seperate bottle myself to keep the rest clean.

Good luck with it. Follow the directions completely and don't use too much and things should be fine.