View Full Version : 1937 Remington 341 Sportmaster bolt- .22 LR

December 11, 2005, 02:23 PM
Model number
Its a model 341 sportmaster. made oct 1937. A simple gun but a hand me down

I have ordered the parts diagram - should be here in a day or two.

I was having an intermittant problem with the bolt being hard to close and traced it (I think) to a sticky extractor at the front of the bolt (gee where else!) and I took that roll pin out yesterday and cleaned the extractor up with sandpaper- seems ok now- it was hard to put back together as the extractor is trying to move under spring pressure and also hard to see if its lined up right for the roll pin, but I got it back together OK.
------ 2 nd problem I am having is failure to fire maybe 1 in 20 rounds. I am thinking of replacing the firing pin and spring as these parts are available now but may not be in say 10 years. Spring could probably be remade by hand by someone(??) but firing pin would be harder .
a Question Look at my pix -
1. If I push out the two bolt roll pins is it a nightmare to get it back together or just normal?
2 and when the bolt comes out of the gun it is cocked I think,-do I leave it that way during initial disassembly?

Harry Bonar
December 21, 2005, 11:18 PM
Dear Sir:
Sorry you've got no answer so far - I'll try.
I've got a Rem SportsMaster but it's newer. I don't think you'll get into any trouble with that bolt - just be careful (you might put some little marks on it now so you'll line it up after the work). I'd check that firing pin and be sure it's not broken - be shure when you fit the new one, or the spring, that it doesn't go too far out and strike the rear of the bbl. chamber.
Also, you need to check headspace and be sure the recess isn't worn causing your problem - take a fired case, or pull a bullet out of one (be careful) put it fully in the chamber, close the bolt and see if extractor pickes it up, if it's a fired case put a paper shim .006 thich and when you close the bolt there should be some feel on the handle, or, at the very least no forward of rearward play in the bolt.
Harry B.