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December 8, 2005, 02:24 PM
2 rifles - PM me if you are interested in purchasing. I am not selling, but know the person who is.

#1 -

Manufacture D'Armes
Chatellerault Me 1886 M.93

bolt action
(with matching bayonet - no scabbard)

#2 -

Waffen GE5

single-shot, bolt action
short, carbine length
looks to be 11mm or .50 cal
everything (and I do mean everything - even the screws) has a serial number!
looks like stainless steel but do not take my word as gospel on that

Both rifles are in at least 95%+ condition for finish and wood.

Any info on either one will be greatly appreciated.


stay safe.


December 11, 2005, 09:50 AM
First one is easy. A French Lebel rifle made at the Chaterreault aresenal. Caliber is 8mm Lebel. All matching rifles with bayonet, without importer markings, can easily fetch $600+.

The second needs more information. Is that a conventional bolt action, or is the bolt merely a tabbed breechblock, and the gun is fired by an external hammer? Is it marked "WERNDL" on the top of the breech?