View Full Version : Women specific carry challenges

December 8, 2005, 01:49 PM
Ladies, and you gentlemen who adore us, what are your favorite ways to carry concealed, with and without holsters? What adjustments do you have to make for weather, extremely cold and extremely hot?

Here in TX, when it's hot enough to make a horny toad sweat, the thought of strapping on an belt holster, or a shoulder rig and then covering it with even a light weight short sleeve shirt worn open is positively smothering. The problem with store bought vests is that they are never long enough.

I found a pattern, Simplicity 5455, that is sleveless and long enough to give good coverage. You can sew, or have your seamtress sew an inner pocket inside and on both sides so you can carry pistol and spare magazines and it will "hang" evenly.

If you wear an underwire, it gives you enough structure under your arm to put a small handcun with a "clip" on it just in front of the "stay" or wire. Of course you can't do that with a turtleneck and expect a quick access, or modest, for that matter. Then again, if you need your pistol, you aren't gonna be too worried about your modesty.

If you are blessed with a sufficient amount of cleavage, you can hide a .22, .25, even a .32 in there. I've done it with a loose sweater, and even the Dearly Beloved couldn't find it until he patted me down.

I tried one of the purses with a holster and then velcro to seal the flap the holster was on to the purse. It was ok, until I was carrying a bunch of luggage and had the purse on my shoulder. It slipped off my shoulder and when it hit my elbow joint, the HiPower fell out, right in front of the security guard in the lobby. I looked at her and we both looked at the pistol and I picked it up and put it in the main part of the purse and left. She never said a word. Whew! Got Lucky!

So if you like the larger size semi-autos, like I do, I suggest the vest from the pattern above to cover belt or shoulder holster, or have the extra pockets sewn in.

I'd love to hear how other Lady-Shooters solve their concealment problems.