View Full Version : Would you use a new safety product?

October 9, 1999, 11:53 AM
I am trying to develop a new hunting safety product. I would appreciate any suggestions and answers to the following questions if it isn't too much trouble.

1. Do you know anybody who has been involved in a firearms accident?

2. Have you ever sighted in on a person or domestic animal thinking that they were a game animal?

3. Regardless of your answer to the last question, would you be willing to have a device on your rifle that would warn you if a person or domestic animal was in your line of fire?

4. What type of warning would you accept? (light, sound, disabling of firearm, etc.)

5. Would you feel safer wearing a small device while hunting/hiking that would set off a warning on the rifles of other hunters if they were to sight in on you?

Thanks for taking the time. If you have any further suggestions or questions, please post or email me.

Rosco P. Coltrain
October 9, 1999, 02:04 PM
They already make such a product, it is called hunter orange.

4V50 Gary
October 9, 1999, 06:05 PM
Are you trying to develop a hunter equivalent of IFF for aircraft (Identification: Friend or Foe)? Last year in California, even a bow hunter was plugged with an arrow (major ouchie).

Personally, I don't think there is a substitute for situational awareness that a diligent, reasonable, prudent person should always exercise when carrying and using a firearm.
Not to flame you, but this sounds almost like the "smart gun" concept with regards to potential for litigation against manufacturers.

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

James K
October 9, 1999, 08:14 PM
This may be a good idea but it would take legislation to force every hunter to use the gadget, and do we need that? Further, what would it take to force every person in the state who might be in range of a hunter's rifle to wear "it" and buy one for every cow, horse, cat, dog, pet gerbil, etc.? Most people would reply that if they are in danger of hunters, ban hunting.

It seems to be poor PR also. We would be telling people that hunters are so careless that they could be shot by mistake unless they buy and wear some expensive gadget.

I think this is an idea whose time has not come.


October 9, 1999, 10:45 PM
I agree with the reasons already given and would like to add one more. The device you are talking about would no doubt be electronic in nature, correct? I learned along time ago that I don't want to trust serious work to anything which requires a battery. They have a bad habit of going dead at the wrong time.

4V50 Gary
October 10, 1999, 12:32 AM
Would you guys be happy with satellite tracking and disabling of guns?

Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt

October 14, 1999, 07:23 PM
That's a rhetorical question, right?