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October 7, 1999, 02:08 PM
I have a Winchester M70 WinTuff. It is a great rifle, but the trigger is set for a mountain rifle ( something I could without). I would like to adjust it down to about 3.5 - 4 pounds, but I am unsure about the exact proceedure to do this. I have the general idea what to do, but I would like to know if it can be done by me and the general procedure to do it.

October 7, 1999, 05:39 PM
I, too, could benefit from some good tips on bringing the Win 70 trigger to at least a reasonable weight of pull.

A salesman, who counseled me NOT to buy a Winchester demonstrated the trigger pull of a Featherweight by cocking the action and hanging the gun off his finger by the trigger without it snapping- this means the trigger on that gun is about 7lbs- or was this some sort of trick?

Anyway- I've read Dunlap's book on Gunsmithing but his advice on the Win 70 is limited. Any other suggestions, reading, or links would be valuable.

George Stringer
October 7, 1999, 11:04 PM
I will only go this far in telling you how to work on your triggers. The Model 70 is fairly simple. The 3 thin nuts on the threaded pin behind the trigger control the spring tension and overtravel. Brownells sells wrenches to fit these and other rifles' trigger adjustments as well. I don't recommend setting the Model 70 under 3-1/2lbs. If you want it lighter than that see a smith. George

October 8, 1999, 04:39 PM
I know what you mean about the M70's having a hard trigger pull DeeBee. I took mine to a gunsmith in Fredericton, NB and he tried the trigger. He pulled on the trigger and then asked me if I was having trouble with my safety jamming. After taking a look at the safety and finding no trouble, he then estimated the trigger pull to be around 9-10 lbs. At close range this is a minor problem, but at long range it is a big problem.
Thank you George for the information. I have a buddy who is a machinist who might just have the tools to adjust it.

October 11, 1999, 08:50 PM
George and Corey-

I'd be entirely satisfied with a 3.5lb win 70 trigger!

I thought the nut only adjusted the overtravel and didn't have anything to do with the pull weight.

I've just read Dunlap's Gunsmithing again, and I think I'm going to try some conservative polishing in combination with the nut adjustments- but I'll wait until I have the proper wrenches.

Oh, one more question, what would happend if I just slapped some red rouge and oil slurry on the sear engagement and worked the trigger a dozen times?

If I happen to ruin the trigger, $20 will get me a new one from Brownells...