View Full Version : Accurizing Remington 742

October 5, 1999, 03:11 AM
One of our local Deputies came in today and wanted to know if you could install a heavy barrel on a 742. I told him that I have never heard of this being done. Does anyone know of someone who does this?

Thanks for any information you can give me.


George Stringer
October 5, 1999, 07:09 AM
Woody, it can be done within reason and would require milling the bottom flat to allow room for the gas system/recoil spring as well as opening up the forend to accept the larger barrel. George

October 5, 1999, 09:15 PM
Please reconsider. Don't do this. The main reason that Remington ceased making this firearm was reliabilty. You increase chances of problems if you deviate from an already suspect design. That's one reason why Remington no longer produces new 742 barrels/actions. In gunsmithing school, ALL my instructors called this the 'Jam - O - Matic'. I have worked on several and while they function OK, I have revised my opinon on working on them. They are now on my 'guns I won't work on' list. For me, it's a liability issue. I don't want to ever speak with the widow of a 742 owner (or worse yet, her attorney). Jim

Art Eatman
October 6, 1999, 10:37 PM
Wallew, I have a 742K '06 which has never caused problems. It is not a regular "using" gun; just one to occasionally play with. So far it has been totally reliable, and groups fairly nice, around an inch at 100 yards.

Any idea what causes the jams?

Regards, Art