View Full Version : HELP: One Problem with Marine magnum 870 solved Now another arises..

Bennett Richards
October 2, 1999, 06:36 PM
Took the stock off my Marine magnum and found an extra washer just sliding up & down the both that attaches the stock! Removed it and Voila! Strange noise now gone.

Fired a quick 20 rounds and found that sometimes after firing a round the bolt would not open to eject the spent casing, I would push the punp forward again and and back and THEN the bolt would move back and eject the shell casing. Can anyone recommend a good gunsmith to do a reliabity package to smooth out the action or is this just the usual breaking in on a new 870 Marine? Something I might look at myself?

Thanks SO much for all your help.


October 6, 1999, 01:43 AM
Hi Bennett! This is going to sound wierd, but it may be your shooting technique. Are you pulling the gun back into your shoulder with the forend or the stock? Try this; make sure that your gun is unloaded (as if you did'nt know that one :)), rack the action and hold the forend backward as you dry fire the gun. If it's like MY 870 Combat Model, the action will NOT release unless the rearward pressure is removed by releasing the forend completely or pushing it forward. You'll hear the "click" in the receiver as the forend is released. This mainly happens in fast-fire strings; you're just holding the forend back, or pulling the forend back too soon after the previous shot. Pull the gun into your shoulder with the stock, but push the forend forward while firing. Just a thought; give it a try. Take Care- Dakotan

Bennett Richards
October 6, 1999, 09:18 AM

What is the 870 Combat model? How does it compare to the Marine?

You are right by the way about my technique.... That was the problem...
When you bolt is locked is there a slight bit of play in lockup? I can see it back up a hair when I place backward pressure on the foregrip when the weapon is in lockup IE: The bolt face backs off just a hair from contact with the rear of the barrel and the bolt does not feel immobile.


October 6, 1999, 04:58 PM
Hi Lawrence- Isn't it amazing how the slighest mis-step or idiosyncrasy of the human body can have such a profound effect on one's performance with a weapon? We've ALL been there, whether we admit it or not :)! Glad to hear that worked for you.
My 870 combat is the only one I have ever seen. It has a 20 inch, Rifle- Sighted, modified choke barrel, 7 round magazine tube, a GREEN parkerized finish, and on the forward left side of the reciever the words "PIMC COMBAT" along with the regular "Remington Wingmaster Model 870" stampings at the back of the receiver. My best guess is that it was a production "over-run" for a military contract. I installed a Choate pistol grip forend, Butler Creek folding stock, and a Tac Star Side Saddle shell carrier. About the bolt lock-up, my 870 is as tight as a drum, but I have seen A LOT of pump-guns which exhibit the small amount of "play" you describe. If it concerns you, give Remington a call, but I think it's the "nature of the beast" for the newer production guns. Take Care- Dakotan