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December 1, 2005, 02:01 AM
Now folks I'm not one to insist that every last thing that I buy be made here in the USA down to the last stitch, nut and bolt, howerver sometimes I make the choice to buy American even if it is a little bit more money.

Such was the case when I recently spent close to 700 dollars on several Blackhawk product, a couple of whom I am sure I could have obtained nearly, or close to nearly identical quality from other sources but made the choice to go with Blackhawk based on prior products, their reputation, AND, AND, AND
AND the fact that I thought they made their stuff here, as their catalog is PLASTERED with the flag, with shots of specal forces, with letters from their president -- an Ex-SEAL, pictures of their gear in use by the military and so forth.

Imagine my suprise when a few days after startign to use the stuff I found a "Made in Vietnam" label inside... and it's not just one product, it's several of them.

e-mailed cusotmer service --- NO RESPONSE and it's been 2 weeks --- guess they don't have anything to say.

I'm sorry but I paid a premium price expecting something that was made here, if I wanted imported gear I could go to any number of suppliers who are made overseas and are cheaper, plus of all the countries out there to get things made in Vietnam, though not on my S#$& list, is not exactly what I, or I would think most people would consider a great country to deal with at the same time.

Not like this is outright dishonest but it sure is misleading and I think folks out there need to know it.

December 1, 2005, 05:37 AM
"the fact that I thought "....... :rolleyes: Your statement made me laugh, thanks!!! If you want Made in USA, no kidding genuine good stuff, look into London Bridge Trading Company gear, their stuff is made right down in Virginia Beach.

"the fact that I thought" ..... I make make that a sig line.....