View Full Version : PPK/S failures

James K
October 4, 1999, 04:08 PM
Hi, folks,

Sometime back, in response to someone who was having multiple malfunctions with a .380 PPK/S (2+ jams per magazine), I reported that I had resolved the same problems with mine by slimming down the recoil spring by rolling it on a belt sander. At that time, I had not fired the pistol enough to see if the problem was really fixed.

At this time, I have put over 350 rounds through the pistol without a malfunction. Most was ball, but there was some hollowpoint of different brands.

If you have PPK/S problems in this area, I can offer this as a possible solution. I recommend proceeding slowly, test firing as you go. I also recommend you buy a new recoil spring first in case you ruin the old one. (Of course you wouldn't! I know that! But just in case...)