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September 28, 1999, 11:04 AM
Hi all,

I am rebuilding an m1 rifle. I want to have my receiver refinished as there is some wearing on the op rod rail guide, and the original finish is quite worn.

The receiver is an H&R. Would blueing help protect the receiver at all, or should I just have it re-parkerized? The main goal is not so much to make the gun look pretty but to protect the receiver from any more wear.



September 28, 1999, 06:05 PM
I'm copying your question to The Smithy forum, as I believe you will get a faster and more practicable response to your question there.

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Gale McMillan
September 28, 1999, 06:59 PM
I would have it re parkerized. The reason being that pakerizing holds oil .We make parts for a Mini gun and certain parts absolutely will not function unless they are parkerized. It's the lurication properties of the oil held in the finish. When all the moving parts of the rotor are operating if they are not parkerized they just freeze up

4V50 Gary
September 28, 1999, 07:19 PM
I concur with Gale. From my experience, a parker finish is very durable and besides, it's historically accurate for the M1. If you have a bead blaster, you can parkerize it in the comfort of your own home on the stove (just don't let the missus know what your up to).

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September 29, 1999, 08:57 PM
thanx all,

I am going to get it re parkerized.