View Full Version : what can be done to a Browning BDM

Joe Portale
September 26, 1999, 10:50 PM
I own a Browning BDM pistol that I'm pretty fond of. I have no real complaints about the gun. It is pretty accurate the way it is, but I'm sure it can be better. Is there any accuracy work that can be done to this gun?

Joe Portale
Sonoran Sidewinder
Tucson, Arizona territory

George Stringer
September 27, 1999, 04:42 AM
Joe, I would think that a couple of things could be done to increase the lockup consistancy and a little trigger work would probably be in order. A sleeve can be machined and either installed inside the slide or on the front of it a la Beretta 92. A little experimentation with the rear lock up would tell if that could be helped as well. The trigger work wouldn't be much of a problem. Perhaps tightening the slide might help as well. If you think you might like to have this work done, e-mail me and we can discuss it. George