View Full Version : Trigger job on a Ruger P95

September 23, 1999, 02:52 PM
I just purchased a Ruger P95 and after taking it out to the range, I have decided that the trigger needs worked on a bit. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with this pistol and how much of a job is working on the trigger. Also, what might one expect to pay for a good trigger job?



Walt Sherrill
September 23, 1999, 09:19 PM
I had a P-95 and had a trigger job done on it.

According to the smith (a friend) who did it, its a standard P-series pistol underneath that fancy polymer exterior. Find someone who works on the other P pistols, and he or she should have no problems working on yours.

My friend sneered about it -- he's a big 1911 fan and doesn't like those trashy Rugers -- but did improve the pull.

George Stringer
September 23, 1999, 10:25 PM
Bastage, I have pretty good luck with the Ruger triggers. As with all DA autos there is a little more work involved than on the 1911 but just about any competent smith should be able to give you a nice trigger. In my shop I charge $65 plus any parts for DA autos. Some smiths will charge less; some more. George