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Austin Herb
November 28, 2005, 09:20 PM
Question? - does anyone have suggestions on how to remove the CLP product from clothing and such. A one gallon container of CLP spilled in the back of the truck and totally soaked some clothing and other canvas equipment. How can I get that stuff out????????


November 28, 2005, 09:40 PM
Just cut into smaller pieces and use for cleaning weapons. Pretreated rags:cool:

November 28, 2005, 09:41 PM
If the clothing is worth keeping I would take it to the cleaners. If that is not an option I would try using denatured alcohol. Make sure the work area is well ventilated and away from any open flame. Good Luck.:)

USMC Tanker
December 3, 2005, 01:49 PM
Good luck...

December 7, 2005, 01:37 PM
Try laundering them in a tub of water using Simple Green in place of the detergent. Then hang them out to air dry. You may have to do this a couple of times. You will probably experience some fading, but they should at least be salvageable.

December 7, 2005, 03:34 PM
garrettwc's post +1

Before Simple Green I used Ammonia and Baking soda to remove Motor oil and ATF that did a similar problem for me.

Vinegar and Water worked on the carpet - I first soaked up as much could with baking soda , then the Vinegar.

December 7, 2005, 04:22 PM
You need a degreaser, preferably a citrus based degreaser like the zep product found in lowes for 10 bucks a gallon (30%) Concentrate, or even better some Aero or any other 100% concentrate citrus degreaser from a janitorial supply house (we pay about 25 a gallon for this). This is for contact cleaning because you can't get to the bottom of the carpet.

You need a wet/dry vacuum with some good pull to it.

You need some soapy water or other cleaner for removing the degreaser residue after the degreaser is used to break up the clp.

So degrease it real wet, vacuum that out, degrease again real wet and vacuum that second time, then clean useing the cleaner real wet and a rough terry cloth type towel (for all of this, a clean one for each step) and vacuum that, then clean again real wet and vacuum one last good long time to get it as dry as possible especially the pad under the carpet. Just let the hose set in one spot to draw the cleaner up as much as possible.

Good luck.