View Full Version : Trigger work for Mini 14

September 15, 1999, 07:27 PM
Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a trigger smith for my mini 14? Or instructions for stoning (wouldn't mind trying it myself, I've done several minor repairs and feel competent with some instruction). I have a stainless ranch model and the trigger pull has been measured at 6 3/4 lb. I would really like to get this down to 3 1/2 - 4 range. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. P.S. Should I order a new trigger group from Ruger to send off or experiment on? I hate to be without it for too long.


George Stringer
September 15, 1999, 11:00 PM
Matt, I do this kind of work. You can e-mail me if you like. CPC is a little cheaper than I am but they do great work. I can't find their address but they do have a web site. George

4V50 Gary
September 16, 1999, 08:34 PM
Having spent 1 hour commuting a mere 38 miles, I'm a bit tired to discuss this at length. As a cheater reply, the Mini14 is very similar to the M1 Garand/M14. If you find a 'smith who can do either of those two, (s)he can also do a Mini14.

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