View Full Version : Did some work to my 1911

Joe Portale
September 16, 1999, 02:11 PM
Hello the group,

About a month ago I posted some questions about the fit of the bushing to barrel on my Sprinfeild 1911. George and a few others made some suggestions and I followed these.

I took the pistol to a local gunsmith and had a national match bushing and a group gripper installed. He also tuned the extractor (another source of fustration) and sear. Additionaly, I asked him to open the ejector port a bit. The whole job cost $110 and some change.

I am happy as a pig in slop! At 25 yards, my 8 inch groups (never said I was William Tell) dropped to 5.5". At 15 yards the groups tightened up to about 2" and at 7 yards the shots were right on top of each other!

I am really happy with the modifications to the gun. Thanks to all the folks that suggested them.

Joe Portale
Sonoran Sidewinder
Tucson, Arizona territory