View Full Version : s&w top ends

September 13, 1999, 04:38 AM
You can switch top ends on a 1911 full size and the sommander IF you cut down the spring tunnel on the commander slide if you don;t you will batter the frame.The reason this is said is because i am wondering if it is possible to switch top ends between a full size 4506-1 and a 4516-1. I have done this switch and it seems to work fine, but i don;t want to continue to shoot them till i find out if the frame would be damaged.Does the spring tunnel have to be cut like the colt or is it ok to switch them without any mods?


George Stringer
September 13, 1999, 10:36 PM
Harold, I'd say since it works it's probably OK but you might want to check with S&W just to make sure. George