View Full Version : columbian and mexican mausers

September 5, 1999, 08:56 PM
I'm buying some U-Fixems from Century arms inc. and I'm wondering if Columbian 1940
receivers will accept other mauser 98 parts
bolts? are the threads the same on barrels?
same with 1936 Mexican ? I don't expect much
for $30, or $6.87 for the columbian, just
wonder if metal is strong and if these are
workable receivers, thanks for any info:]

Paul B.
September 6, 1999, 12:53 PM
Zot. According to Roy Dunlap's book GUNSMITHING, the threads and length of the shank are the same. Threads, 12 per inch, V thread. Shank length, .625 inch. Diameter however is different. The Mexican Mauser is .980 inch, and the standard 98 Mauser is 1.100 inch.
Hope this answers your question.
Paul B.

September 7, 1999, 10:24 PM
paul b. thanks for info, I just wondered if anyone had these type rifles or gunsmiths
who have worked on them, maybe their a junk
metal receiver like springfield 03s that had
little nickel in alloy, maybe their the best
bargain to build a nice sporter with? if this post belongs at harley noldens,then I'll
ask there, thanks for any info:]

George Stringer
September 8, 1999, 06:53 AM
Zot, there may be minor differences in the trigger guard but the barrels will fit. Be sure to inspect those U-Fixm's thoroughly for warping, cracks, etc. You can't build a good rifle on a bad receiver. George

James K
September 8, 1999, 11:37 AM
AFAIK, there were no Mausers with brittleness like the old '03s. Those made in Germany, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Sweden were probably the best. Some receivers made in other countries, notably China, were softer than they should have been. Again AFAIK, no rifles were made in Colombia. Depending on model and contract, Colombia used bolt action rifles made by DWM, Steyr, FN, CZ, and Madsen. The last is not a Mauser, of course.


September 10, 1999, 02:10 PM
thanks for info, but now after a week Century
sent e-mail saying they were sold out of everything I ordered, except the $3 bayos
which I cancelled, first and last time ordering from them, this is the first time
I've ever been blown off by a wholesaler,
guess they don't need my bussiness, I guess
someone buys ALOT of u-fixems on the same day
their posted on the web, Century said order
on day their posted, or I probably would be
late again. well never mind:]