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Rich Lucibella
September 6, 1999, 07:58 AM
I can never seem to get a satisfactory answer to these questions:
My Gunsite 1911's sport Novak Low Mount sights. The front of the rear
sight is flush with the top of the slide. Each time I request these from
another gunsmith for a 1911, the front blade is taller and the rear
sight "steps up" from the slide. Can someone provide an explanation of
the correct designations. (I realize that a flush rear sight hinders one
handed racking.)

Secondly, I prefer the bar/dot setup on tritium inserts vs the more
common 3 dot. Are these still available for the Novak sights?
Rich Lucibella

September 6, 1999, 10:12 AM
Rich. Can you measure the hight of the dovetail? They(gunsite smithy) may have shortened it to get a lower sight without getting into the slide's internals. Of course the front would have to be lowered as well. If that is the case, then a replacement sight can be modified the same way.
Don't know what Novak's has to offer these days. I believe Armson will put Tritinium (sic) tubes in your existing sights.

Regards, Sharps.

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Daniel Watters
September 7, 1999, 12:53 AM
Given that the Series 80 firing pin safety isn't going away any time soon, many smiths base their sight cuts around trying to miss the hole for the safety plunger and its spring. To save on set-up time (and to prevent mistakes), they use the same cut whether the slide has the Series 80 safety or not. This is the same reason that the cuts for low-mount BoMars no longer leave the sight blade flush with the rear of the slide.

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September 7, 1999, 10:54 PM
We have the IWI bar dot's installed in Novak Lo mount sights, they have all kinds of combinations on their web site. I also had 2 red dots installed on either side of the bar. Really like this set up so far.

Only place on the Lo Mount sight that is flush with the slide is right in front of the sight screw, otherwise everything is slightly elevated above the slide.

The Action Works out of Az is who worked over the 1911 and installed the Novak sights.