View Full Version : Building a pistol front site.

September 3, 1999, 09:53 AM
I have a 38 special on which the previous owner cut the barrel to three inches. Actually did a good job, but never figured out a way to put a front site on it. didn't matter to him as he sort of kept it for a bedroom gun and didn't figure he needed a front sight at that distance. Any ideas on how I can put a front sight on it. It was a 4 inch pencil barrel S&W.

James K
September 3, 1999, 06:13 PM
A front sight and base can be silver soldered on, but the gun will not really look right. I recommend either looking around for another barrel (there are a few at most gun shows) or send the gun back to S&W and have them replace the barrel. Give them a call for an estimate.