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Jeff Thomas
September 1, 1999, 05:42 PM
Every now and then I hear how handy these stocks are, and I've seen them in action once. Are they easy to install? I've never taken the stock off my Rem 870.

Thanks. Regards from AZ

(ps - BTW - is the 'search' feature on TFL gone, or am I just blind today? Thought I'd search the archives, but no cigar.)

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September 1, 1999, 05:52 PM
Its a snap.

Remove the recoil pad from your standard stock by removing the 2 philips head srews in it. They will usually be hidden in small cuts in the rubber near the top and bottom.

Hint: put a little oil on the screw driver before pushing it into the cuts in the rubber to prevent ripping or scuffing it.

After you get the recoil pad off, look into the hole you now see in the end of the stock. You will need a LONG flat head screw driver to reach the screw you see in the bottom of the hole. Remove the screw and the stock will fall right off.

Installation is just the opposite.


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Doug in PHX
September 1, 1999, 06:07 PM

I have a Speedfeed stock on my 870 (in pretty new condition) and am thinking of replacing it. If you need one and are interested, I will make you a deal. I'm in Phoenix, but hang out at Caswell's sometimes. I used to work there part time. If you are interested, reply here or in the the Buy/Sell Accessories forum and I will post my e-mail address.

I asked about the Search feature in the Questions forum. Apparently it wasn't working, so the TFL removed it from the screens. The new beta release of the software is supposed to be online anytime now, and the Search fuction should be back up at that time.

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Jeff Thomas
September 1, 1999, 06:55 PM
Golly ... what took you guys so long? ;)

Thanks for the info.

Doug, I might be interested in your stock, and I'm in Phoenix as well. Why are you thinking of replacing it? Are they made by various companies, or is Speedfeed the manufacturer and patent holder? How do they compare in quality to the original, Remington synthetic stock?


Doug in PHX
September 1, 1999, 08:39 PM

If you ever want to take this offline, my email is [email protected]

The stock was on the shotgun when I bought it. I won't use the ammo storage feature, as I prefer a Sidesaddle and have so equipped my 870. If I sell it, fine. otherwise I just don't use the ammo storage feature.

I believe only Speedfeed makes has this feature available, I'm sure they have a patent. The quality is comparable to the original Rem stock. In fact, my 11-87 has a factory synthetic stock on it, and I believe it is made by Speedfeed as well, but without the ammo storage feature. I would have to look at it to be sure. If I sell this Speedfeed stock, I will just replace it with another Speedfeed stock w/o the storage.