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August 17, 1999, 04:22 PM
Hello. The safety on my Mossberg sometimes slips to the rear and engages by itself. Usually during rapid firing. Do I need a new/stronger safety spring or what? Thanks

August 17, 1999, 06:54 PM
Rick, I assume that you are talking about a Mod. 500 pump with the tang safety. Mossberg one upon a time said this was a factory only thing. As I recall, "and those of you who know me I ain't doin that so well" Mossberg will sent you new safety parts if you swear to them you know how to put it together and fit it than they do. If you really don't know let your smith have it. Sounds like the whole thing needs looking at. Heck, they even put em on with those anti tamper public restroom screws!
Be Safe, Hank

August 26, 1999, 07:45 AM
OK, I took the safety apart and the safety detent spring was about 3/32 sorter than the replacement spring that I got from Brownells. Also put on a metal safety while I was at it. Haven't shot it yet, but I bet that will take care of it! Thanks.

By the way,
Brownells Teflon/moly bake-on finish that I put on my other Mossberg 500 is doing great.

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