View Full Version : Colt Mustang Trigger

November 22, 2005, 11:59 PM
Does anyone know where I can get an aluminum trigger to replace the plastic one that comes with the Colt Mustang? I have read old posts that list Scott McDougall as a place to get them but I see that they are no longer around. Thanks for the help.

November 23, 2005, 09:05 AM
Cylinder & slide has them

michael t
November 23, 2005, 01:33 PM
C&S may still have them.
What wrong with the Factory trigger I know its plastic. My Mustang is 20 or so years old and factory trigger has always worked fine. Of course I never seen anything wrong with the plastic guide rod either. These are not match target pistols but close up SD guns. Mine has always been a dependable accurate(at realistic SD range) so what more can you ask for.
I did change to wolff single recoil spring when was time to change springs. I just bought a entire spring package and replaced everything after all those years It was a cheap preventaive Maintance.

November 24, 2005, 11:55 AM
Thanks for the info. I can't really tell you why I want to replace the plastic trigger other than it seems like it is cheap. I just bought the weapon used, and it came with the replacement guide rod and single spring from wolff. You are right it shoots great at a reasonable distance so maybe I should leave well enough alone.