View Full Version : Rebore/rechamber NEF 22 Hornet to 32 Mag??

August 14, 1999, 10:06 PM
OK, I know this is a weird one, but NEF says they don't get enough requests for the 32 Mag on their SS action to make it worth their while. Hence the above question. Would it be feasible, and if so, any ideas on the approx cost? For reasons known only to God, I've always wanted a 32 in this action. Maybe in another life I used a 32 Long Colt rolling block [g].

George Stringer
August 15, 1999, 07:20 AM
Oatka, you might contact Dick Nickel in Washington state. (360)832-6422. He does this type of work but I have no idea what his pricing is. George

August 17, 1999, 08:50 AM
Thanks George, I'll give it a shot. I noticed an outfit up in Alaska has a 32 Mag/30-30 insert for $27, so will try that out first. If the 32 is seated at the base of the 30-30 case, I suspect the freebore will give me a problem, but for the money, what the Hey.