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August 12, 1999, 04:05 PM
Since it was my first gun I chaulked the inaccuracy up to my inexperience.But after getting a S&W 686 and a 22A and being able to get 4" groups with open sights without a rest with those guns I figured it had to be the gun.

Heres the problem:

S&W 5906 fixed sights shoots 8-10 inch groups at 25 yds regardless of the ammo used. It hits mostly to the lower left but a lot of them go to the right also. Put it on a rest and it`ll do 6 inch groups at best. I even gave it to someone at the range who is more experienced than myself and the best he did was 5 inches from a rest at 25 yds. It never jams or has any feeding problems.

I`m going to send this back to S&W. But would anyone care to take a guess as to what is wrong?

Al Thompson
August 12, 1999, 07:55 PM
There are several possibilities, but other than for your information, they are speculation at best.

The thing to do is send it to S&W and let them figure it out. Don't tell them what we or you think as they may only look at that problem and no furthur.

All that aside, I suspect you have a barrel lock up problem. My 5906 and 6906 ( same gun, aluminum frame, not sure of the stock #) shoot much tighter than that.

Lower left hits, BTW, usually mean that your pushing the trigger. Big groups indicate something wrong with the gun.



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August 13, 1999, 04:45 PM
Try for accuracy at a much closer distance !
Start at 5 yards & move your target back at 5 yard increments.
If you're NOT all over the paper at 15 yards, you'll be happy to know that it ain't the gun but the person/s using it.
A small error in marksmanship will be greatly enhanced the further away the target gets ! - I should know as I can get 1/2" groups at 7 yards with a 2" snubbie but can barely touch the target at 25 yards :(
Mind you, I can get 1" groups with my 6"
S&W M-19 at this distance. :)
Practice, practice, practice.

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August 13, 1999, 06:49 PM
Yes, check the accuracy from a ransom rest at 5 yards, then 10, 15, and 20 yards. You may notice a point where accuracy REALLY goes down hill.

I'm better with rifles than pistols, but I've seen something similar with a rifle. Just at longer ranges.

It had to do with the twist of the barrel and weight of the bullet. Due to the slow twist of the barrel, the heavy bullet would become unstable after a certain distance, and the 200 yard tack driving rifle would give you a group that looked more like a shotgun pattern when you shot it from 300 yards.

Hope this helps


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