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August 5, 1999, 11:33 PM
Recently, I strolled into my local gunshop only to find a mint Randall Service Model with box, manual and even the warranty card! Needless to say I quickly cut a deal. I am enamored by this gun. The website for their history is down right now so I would like any opinions from owners past or present about said company. I remember reading a review (in '85 I believe) in SOF magazine where Mr. Kokalis raved about them.

4V50 Gary
August 6, 1999, 12:09 AM
While not the first firm to produce stainless steel .45s, Randall, for its time, made the finest. It was no empty boast that their box touted, "The only 45 fit for service." The competition in those days consisted of Vega, AMT, and a few other non-descript firms (Kimber, Colt, ParaOrdnance, Springfield Inc. were not making stainless .45s in those days). Unlike its competition, Randall used two different stainless steels for the slide and the frame. This was necessary to prevent galling which is common when two similar stainless steels abrade against one another.
Another Randall boast was that all parts, except the stocks and the sights, were of stainless steel. Nickel components were not used by Randall.

Randall also developed a special follower which was suppose to be extremely reliable. Randall expanded its line to include a shortened (Commander length) gun, a very short (LeMay) gun, some left handed guns. The latter are among the rarest of all Randalls (probably less than 500 produced).

Not all Randalls were shipped in a cardboard box. Some were in a black and tan rug which had a Randall tag sewn into it. They were made in Korea by the owner's girlfriend.

Randall's time was brief (I think from 1980-1984) but what a glorius and fruitful time it was.

You may want to contact the Randall Historian, Rick Kennerknecht at [email protected] Don't know if it's change since it's been about three months since we've last communicated. For about $25-35 dollars (contact him for the right amount), he'll research your gun and write up a letter of authenticity about it on original Randall letterhead. Since he worked there, he has the records.

By the way, I have my Randall. Welcome to the club.

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Jim V
August 6, 1999, 05:39 AM
Sold my pair of Randalls (Right and Left) way back when, dumb me. Still have several right hand mags, Some of the best mags ever made. IMHO

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August 7, 1999, 12:11 AM
Shot the Randall on Friday. The accuracy was akin to my Kimber, i.e. one ragged hole @ 15 yds. benched. However, about approx. 200 rds into the session the slide froze without ejecting the empty. After hammering the slide back (with a brass drift & gobs of lube) I've concluded it was a combination of a tight & dirty chamber coupled with a gun that has probably never had more than 25 rds. thru it. Next time I'm going to clean the chamber after 100 rds. Before I ship it off for an action job I need to break it in. I want to leave it stock except for the guts. Also, some empties kept hitting me in the face.

4V50 Gary
August 7, 1999, 05:20 AM
Be sure to lube the rails. Randall use to include a small sample tube of grease. This also helps to prevent galling.

Let someone else who is a proficient shot try shooting it too. Stand to the side or behind to observe the case ejection. If none strike that shooter, then the gun is fine.

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August 7, 1999, 10:14 PM
Well, I was @ the range again today & again the Randall froze up on an empty case. It was the second shot after I had thoroughly cleaned the barrel. I think some metal needs to be removed. I cannot tolerate this anymore. Off to a gunsmith.