View Full Version : Need Winchester 52 sights

August 3, 1999, 12:14 PM
Hello to all,
I recently purchased a beautiful early Win 52, sn280xx. The front sight is a integral base with an inserted blade. It has a Lyman Super Targetspot on it now. However, the rear sight is gone, although there is a large steel block in the dovetail marked "Mashburn Arms Co." This may have been the base for an aftermarket peep. I have been told by several sources that I would be better served with a Lyman or other-than-Winchester sight, although I am open to anything...any advice or sources? Thanks, Harry

James K
August 3, 1999, 02:38 PM
Hi, Harry,

The Winchester 52 normally came without sights, so there is no absolutely "correct" sight, and I don't think Winchester made its own sights for that gun, although someone more knowledgable may correct me on that.

On special order, Winchester would install sights. The combinations listed in my source are for the flat top receiver, the Lyman 77 or Redfield 66 front, with a Marble Goss 52 rear, or a Vaver 36 front and a Vaver Mielt receiver. For the round top, Lyman 77 front and Lyman 52 rear or a Vaver WIIAT front and Vaver 5237 rear.

Vaver is long out of business, but both Vavers and Lymans turn up sometimes at gun shows. Good luck!