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4V50 Gary
July 30, 1999, 12:02 AM
Tonight a friend came by with a Chinese SKS which he couldn't reassemble. He related that he had tried several times, but was at a loss as to why the handguard and gas cylinder tube could not be refitted onto the gas block.

I also tried and could not reassemble the weapon. Examining the gas block and its relation to the gas cylinder tube, I noted that the fit seemed extremely tight. A closer look at the gas block revealed that it had expanded from its original diameter. This explained the tight fit which prevented the gun from being reassembled.

What caused the gas block to expand was the impact of the gas piston when it returned to its position of rest. Apparently the gas block (which will probably have to be replaced in the due course of time) was peened each time the gas piston slammed forward.

My remedy was to (using a file with a safe edge) file away that portion of the gas block which formed a distinctive ring. Once the offending metal was removed, the gun reassembled quite easily.

While Simonov's design is sound, the materials used in its execution by the Chinese was not. This is the first time I have seen it in an SKS. My own Chinese SKS has not developed this problem and I suspect that as this was an export gun, standards were dropped. Has anybody else had similar experience with their SKS?

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George Stringer
July 31, 1999, 07:27 AM
Gary, I have a regular customer who has roughly a dozen SKS rifles. He's brought 3 of them to me, all chinese, with the same problem. I used the same fix on them as you did. As you said, the materials used in the Chinese versions isn't exactly first rate. George