View Full Version : shortning a barrel?

July 17, 1999, 03:08 PM
does anyone know what it would cost to shorten a ruger bisley barrel from 71/2 inches to 6 inches and to reset the sights so it shoots properly? I want to buy a bisley 45 long colt,but I don't want it in the length that it comes in. or if anyone knows where you can but one already that length. thanks

July 17, 1999, 05:49 PM
Send it to the Ruger factory and have them fit a 5 1/2" barrel. They will do the job right, give the gun a good going over and it will be cheaper too. New barrel approx. $40, reblue gun $35.
I had Ruger do some mods for me on a Blackhawk. Gun came back better than before and the price was reasonable.
I seriously considered having my 7 1/2" Bisley Blackhawk changed to a 5 1/2" barrel, but it just shoots too good to mess with.

July 17, 1999, 07:01 PM
thanks for the suggestion Graybear. can I send it ups or do I have to use a ffl dealer?

July 17, 1999, 07:03 PM
sorry about the name mistake grayfox.I won't do it again.

George Stringer
July 17, 1999, 08:24 PM
sjones, you can send it to them UPS but they have to return it to you via FedEx. Or at least my local UPS folks won't deliver a handgun to an unlicensed individual so when I repair one I have to return it FedEx. George

July 19, 1999, 09:33 PM
Hey George;
Those UPS guys are as screwed up as the FEDS.
I just had a UPS guy place a returned Seecamp in my grubby paws today and he never batted an eye! I don't have an FFL, he delivered it to my home. I think every agent makes his/her own interpretation of the law.
It even had a Seecamp return address on the label, and after seeing that, I was surprised that I even got it! By the way, there is a two year waiting list for a new Seecamp, But if you send one in for repair, you only have to wait 1 year to get it back! They were nice enough to convert it to shoot Gold Dot & XTP's though.

George Stringer
July 20, 1999, 06:11 AM
Hclark, you're pretty close. My son-in-law is the head computer programmer/instructor for UPS in Louisville, KY. I was talking to him about that and he says that each individual depot manager makes the decisions on what they will or will not accept. But, UPS policy is not to ship handguns to individuals. I occasionally have pistols delivered by my mailman while the local postmaster and I got into a "discussion" when she refused to accept a shotgun for delivery. I think they all run their own show. George

July 24, 1999, 12:48 AM
no sweat over the name mistake. I've been called alot worse. :)

Check with local UPS. They did deliver my Blackhawk back to my house, but required an adult signature to recieve it.