View Full Version : Valmet 412 system. Opinions?

June 28, 1999, 04:47 PM
I slobbered over one of these sets years ago, and then they quit importing them.
I now have the opportunity to pick one up with three barrel sets.
12ga/12ga, 12ga/30-06, and 30-06/30-06.
The weapon is unmodified from factory condition, it is in "as new" condition, and seems to function well.
It has a single selective trigger.
It appears attractive, and all of the Valmets I have had to date were GREAT, no exceptions.
This would be my first double rifle/shotgun type piece.
Have any of you had any experience pro or con with this weapon system?
Please enlighten me.

July 8, 1999, 05:58 PM
The 412 system is most excelent and stands pretty much as a measure against which other
combo- and shotgun systems are judged around here. (That being Finnland)
One is expected to spend several thousands to get better from that point and the improvement might be more aesthetical for most ordinary hunters.
I have the older Valmet Lion shot/combogun system with two sets of barrels that have matching numbers and a test firing raport
shoving the spread of the shotload pattern.
The gun has pleased me much and functioned flawlessly. I can't see any reason that the 412's quality would be lesser main difference being only the two point lock up instead of the lion's older one point locking.
And in case there is need for more barrels or parts Sako takes care of it nowadays.
Should there be need for calibre that can't be obtained from the extensive choice of the factory barrels there is Gunsmith and barrel maker called Erkki Mäkinen that is considered to be the absolute top of latter field in Finnland. Anyhow He will manufacture custom barrels on demand out of solid bar to take any round that the action can reliably stand.
He can be reached by phone at +358-3-5151025.

I hope U'll buy the 412 while you can, I know that you won't regret it.

Gattling :)